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Nasple & Asakura: Introduction

Nasple & Asakura - N&A- is a European-Japanese Services Coordination Office,
based in Barcelona and Tokyo, working primarily within the editorial, publishing
and media fields with the aim of becoming instrumental in fostering a wider mutual
presence and exchange between Catalonia/Spain/EU and Japan/East Asia,
fomenting their cultural, political and economic relations, in collaboration with
institutions and entities of various sorts.

Fields of activity:

1- Book Editing

Nasple & Asakura works in partnership with several publishers in Europe
and America in order to make better known the Architecture, the Arts,
and the Gastronomy of Japan in particular and East Asia as a whole.
Based on this collaboration, N&A has edited a number of books related
to Asia, distributed worldwide and available in museum bookshops and
cultural and design centres.
Among others, some titles standing out are :

Tokyo Houses, published by teNeues Publishing Group / Düsseldorf,
Germany / www.teneues.com


Asian Interior Design, published by teNeues Publishing Group / Düsseldorf,
Germany / www.teneues.com


Inside mnm-Minimalist Interiors, edited in collaboration with the well-known
Japanese architect Toyo Ito, and published by Harper Design International,
Harper Collins Publishers / New York , USA / www.harpercollins.com


Japanese Design, published by Daab Publishers /
Köln, Germany / www.daab-online.com


Chinese Design, published by Daab Publishers /
Köln, Germany / www.daab-online.com


2- Journalism


At present, N&A acts as a correspondent office for several Japanese
publishing companies editing magazines specialized in Architecture & Interior
Design, as well as other publications related to Gastronomy, the Arts and Culture
in general.
Through these publications, N&A aims to project and introduce into Japanese people
and institutions related to the fields above who may either be based in Barcelona,
Catalonia or Spain in general.
For that purpose,we have presented to a wide Japanese audience the profile
and work of architects like Benedetta Tagliabue/EMBT, designers like
Javier Mariscal and Pepe Cortés, well-known artists like Miralda and
Antoni Muntadas, remarkable film directors like Victor Erice, outstanding
restaurateurs like Ferrán Adrià or Carme Ruscalleda as well as institutions
like The Picasso Museum, The Miró Foundation, The Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation,
Casa Asia, etc.

3- Media Coordination: the press and television

N&A carries out coordination tasks for the production of TV Programs and Special Reports, made across EU countries, by Japanese TV Channels, TV Production Companies and Music Entertainment Companies, such as:


- "FUJI TELEVISION NETWORK INC.- Fujisankei Communications Group"



- avex

Media Coordination: Music Video shooting

Sara Mary

- SONY Magazines


Shooting Coordination in Barcelona.

4- Translating & Interpreting: Congresses, Seminars & Trade Fairs

Subtitling "Japanese to Spanish"


Book translation (Spanish to Japanese)
Theoretical Anxiety and Design Strategies in the Work of Eight Contemporary Architects
(MIT Press and ACTAR, 2005)


Book translation (Spanish to Japanese)

The Reina Sofia National Museum of Art "Collection Guide"
(La Central, 2007)

5- Corporate Travel/Tours:
between Spain & Japan - Organization & Coordination

Press tours: Asahi Shinbun, Sankei Shinbun
Corporate Tours: Tokyo Gas, Foundation for Senior Citizen's Housing In Japan

6- Cultural & Linguistic Counselling: Spain vs Japan

7- Working Languages: Catalan, Spanish, English, Japanese


Nasple & Asakura on the web

Personal Profile at Harper Collins Publishers / New York

Minimalist Interiors at Harper Collins Publishers / New York

Books at Amazon

Books at RIBA -Royal Institute of British Architects-Bookshops

Interview at Metropolis Magazine Tokyo


Personal Profiles


Born in BARCELONA, Jaume studied "Japanese Studies and Political Science"
at "SOAS-The School of Oriental and African Studies, UNIVERSITY OF LONDON" .

He has worked and collaborated extensively, within the field of "International Relations
and Trade", with a number of different companies in Europe, Japan and the U.S.
(Bloomingdale´s/New York, Harrods/London, Matsuzakaya/Tokyo,
Pyrénées Import-Export/Principality of Andorra, Pierre Cardin/Paris, Cacharel/Paris, Marimekko/Helsinki)

At present, he is collaborating professionally with various Corporate Organizations,
Publishing Companies and Media Organizations (News Agencies,
TV Production Companies and TV Channels) in Europe and Japan as a Coordinator,
Editor, Interpreter and Translator.

He has lived and spent time abroad for approximately 18 years, mainly in London and Tokyo.


Born in TOKYO, Kyoko studied "Psychology" at "RIKKYO UNIVERSITY" (Tokyo).
Subsequently, she carried out "Interior Design Studies" also in the Japanese capital..

She has worked for the "Workshop for Architecture & Urbanism" in Tokyo, organizing
seminars and exhibitions, as well as editing bilingual Japanese-English books and magazines
specialising in architecture, art, design and culture in general.

In Europe she is currently working as a "Freelance Editor and Journalist" for various magazines
specialising in Architecture, Art, Design and Gastronomy.
She also works for a number of TV Production Companies as an Interpreter and Translator.

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